From here, Columbo heads off to find Dr Mayfield. His superior the kindly Dr. Hidemann (Will Geer) is doing a medical research project & is waiting to meticulously analyse his data before he publishes his results. She confesses that she killed her husband and buried his body under the fountain, and that Jean knew it and that is why she killed her. I know it might look that way, but . Nurse Sharon Martin (Anne Francis) doesn't like Dr. Mayfield & distrusts him. After all, he’s seen similar examples from killers in the past – just think of murderous Ken Franklin opening his mail as the corpse of his partner lay on his front lawn…, Mayfield’s clock-winding when receiving news of Sharon’s death is Columbo’s first major reason to suspect the dastardly doctor. Like CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, an episode of Columbo is presented chiefly from the viewpoint of the murderer. Menu. The sleepy detective isn’t at his best after a sleepless night, though, first sprinkling egg-shell over the crime scene, then using the murder weapon itself to crack the egg against. Oh, I see. FAQ Thoroughly enjoyed Nita Talbot! Read on and find out…, Lieutenant Columbo: Peter Falk it was a very nice pices of work! Maybe even more. It was written in block capitals and in a sector so rife with acronyms it would be more natural to assume it’s initials than a man’s name, in this humble correspondent’s opinion at least. His case is coming together nicely, although he’s got some way to go to prove anything. Dr Barry Mayfield: Leonard Nimoy He’s the most heartless baddie the series ever sees.”. For fans, this has everything. Although to me Leonard Nimoy will always be Spock, this fact didn't diminish my enjoyment of this episode, where Columbo gets a difficult case. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. What a great "Columbo" episode. Casting Spock, err… Nimoy seemed an inspired choice on paper. What follows is a really excellent Columbo & Leonard Nimoy plays the sinister doctor superbly well. I also loved Will Geer, who is everything that Nimoy is not – honest, kind, sincere, and lovable. You have intelligence. Bravo Columbo! It's great also to see Columbo get angry for once. And along with there being no other needle marks (and why would a left handed man inject himself in his left arm?) “It was purely reflexive,” he says, but we know that Columbo is already onto his man. It is a marvelous episode and is my top 5. His trip wasn’t wasted, though, as the hidden morphine is uncovered while he’s there – albeit suspiciously with no fingerprints, only glove smudges on the bottles. Heideman is highly intelligent, he may look like someone’s cuddly uncle, but to have got as far as he has, he must be capable of rational analysis. Is it possible that nurse Martin was the only one to notice it? Also kudos to the brisk direction and spot-on supporting cast, especially Anne Francis. Both are coolly detached, while making it abundantly clear they think they’re smart enough to get away with murder. Mayfield silently stepping out from the shadows is a glorious moment. Knowing the game is up if she tells anyone Mayfield kills her and makes it look like a drug killing. Because it’s such a rare sight to see the Lieutenant drop the veneer and show us what he really thinks about another character’s actions and personality. I think this doctor took the Hypocritical Oath, not the Hippocratic one! This is a largely potent, cleverly-titled and unpredictably effective Season 2 episode from the Columbo series which sees an impulsive and scheming surgeon (played by Leonary Nimoy) murder a nurse who realises that he is going to botch a heart valve operation on his more circumspect and cautious colleague, who are both involved in a revolutionary medical project. She was a fixture on 60’s TV. But perhaps I never understood “Undercover” as it was intended by the author – then Irving Krutch would indeed take the golden medal “Most lethal Columbo culprit”. The doc was stupid not to think of a way to dispose of the *blood-soaked* dissolving sutures. i love leonard nimoy and peter falk acting together, they are both great actors and work well together in this show! How could a lefty have done that? I don’t think Columbo found any evidence connecting the doctor to the nurse’s murder? One of the most unrealistic moments in any Columbo. Mayfield’s in the clear. Leonard Nimoy is excellent as a sociopathic heart surgeon, emotionless as he's bumping off people trying to hide his murder on installment plan. But the Lieutenant won’t be denied. Just how far ahead has Barry Mayfield planned? The police found a note in Sharon’s handwriting seeming to set up a meeting with a mystery man called ‘Mac’ the morning after she was killed. The sixth episode of this second season, A STITCH IN CRIME, was broadcasted on Feb. 11st, 1973. A visit to see Harry sheds some interesting light on proceedings. Altough I always feel sick when I’m in a hospital, this is a very pretty episode. Columbophile I suggest you delete this comment while I figure out how to make my point without images. The superb acting and plausible motive/scheme give Stitch a high floor, but the dearth of humor and twists cap its ceiling as well. I had a little “fanboy crush” on her back in the day (along with Miss Talbot, of course!). (2) Even if Mayfield dug his heals in, Columbo coud try to persuade people that Heideman be opening up by another surgeon to see what damage Mayfield had done. Yet, three years later, she goes by barely noticed in a series of guest supporting TV appearances, as with her Nurse Morgan walk-on here. Pingback: Season 4: have we reached ‘peak Columbo’? By the way, has every Columbo episode, usually split in 2, filmed backwards, and occasionally runs local commercials or these weird silent screenshots for the Globalist UNESCO organization. Mayfield is such a bastard. The thirteenth episode of Columbo was titled A Stitch in Crime and was the sixth episode of the show’s second season. . Slamming down a pitcher on Mayfield’s desk, he lays down the law. He would not have needed to be a sleight-of-hand artist to have simply hidden the sutures under a nearby organ, where they would have harmlessly dissolved away! He slams down a coffee pot on the table in front of him & tells Dr. Mayfield, "I believe that you killed nurse Sharon Martin & I believe that you trying to kill Dr. Hidemann.You better take good care of the doctor because if he dies we are going to have to order an autopsy, aren't we?". In any case, there is my point 1 – Mayfield’s rational course of action is to confess quickly, make sure Heidemand is saved and avoid the murder charge. That aside this is a near faultless addition to the series and far-and-away the standout episode of Season 2 up to now. I wonder how casting hit upon Nimoy to play the diabolical medical man? The only real weakness I see in the movie is the decision to cast Will Geer as the head of an important research project. It’s Lieutenant Columbo. It's as if the writers too often had no idea how to end the thing and resort to having the killer confess when faced with the flimsiest of evidence. Even if he's dealing with unknown, difficult medical issues outside his area of expertise, Columbo is on to the killer. Back to the hospital parking lot and a dishevelled Lieutenant Columbo is one of the officers in action. The first issue occurs when Columbo angrily slams the pot on Mayfield’s desk and warns him that an autopsy will be conducted if Dr. Hidemann dies (which will uncover the fact that his sutures were dissolvable, and this caused his death). She suggests as such to Mayfield as they meet in the lab shortly later. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. I am saying that Columbo should use all his power and influence to get someone to operate on Heideman (while he is still alive, obviously) to correct Mayfield’s defective work. The mystery is intelligent and the killer's actions are what you would expect from a doctor. He’s finally figured it out, and Mayfield’s flash of temper in the operating theatre was what did it. There was a Capuchin Monkey in a Cage in the Lab called Mac I believe: When I was a boy in the 1970s, I used to watch every Columbo episode with my mom. Of course, one could argue that it was a stroke of genius to come up with that escape attempt under so much pressure, so maybe it’s just me? It's really a case of laziness by the writers. He is essentially playing Mr. Spock - calm, rational, and intelligent. homage to sweating, medically distressed Sargon? does Mayfield give himself away as a doctor by habitually swabbing Harry’s arm before he gives him the injection? Also, I don’t think anyone has mentioned the appearance of instantly recognizable (to me at, least) Aneta “Helen Crump” Corsaut as the nurse caring for Will Geer. A top ten entry in my book, too. Dr. Heideman was always fond of his colleague, wasn’t even listening to Sharon Martin’s warnings. This episode gets 9/10. . Could it be they recalled the most demonic of all nonhuman TOS villains, Henoch from Return to Tomorrow? One of the better Columbo movies I've seen thus far. Leonard Nimoy is a formidable, arrogant murderer who almost gets away with it. Cheers, and thanks again for the great website. It’s in my top 5 as well. | It helps that the supporting cast that acted as foils for his dastardliness were just as well cast. Mayfield is sceptical of Columbo so easily dismissing Harry as a suspect and yet again ups his game to focus attention on the reformed drug addict. Pingback: Columbo top 10 episodes as voted by the fans: 2019 edition | THE COLUMBOPHILE. But his fatal dose of morphine was delivered into his left arm. CSI this ain’t…. Harry is a Vietnam vet who seems to have struggled with PTSD, and then drugs. He’s onto his man from the get-go, which allows for sumptuous exchanges between them – none better than the ‘rage’ scene discussed above, which includes Mayfield’s memorable taunt: “Lieutenant Columbo, you’re remarkable. And I found the casting of Leonard Nimoy to be a masterstroke; Nimoy plays the part of the villain so well. Someone in the ER has a sick sense of humor. She had a refreshingly honest attitude. Sharon Martin: Anne Francis As the end of the episode approached, I couldn’t help but watch the clock. I have loved most of the Columbos. When his august colleague Dr Edmund Heideman (Will Geer) seeks a longer period of research before unleashing a revolutionary new heart drug, Mayfield’s patience runs out. The story is fasciating to follow and the characters are just good enough to make this one of the best in the Columbo TV movies. Mayfield, you see, has dyed some dissolving suture black, so that it passes for regular suture in the operating room. We know that Columbo’s goofy affability is to some degree a front that he puts forth because it provokes the responses he wants from suspects, so when he seems to lose his temper with the unflappable Mayfield are we seeing the real man, or just another mask – the mask that the situation requires. That didn't ring true to me at all,but a very good entry in the Columbo Canon nonetheless. Didn’t Jack Cassidy take out a couple of people in one of his episodes? Of course every Columbo movie is a cat and mouse play between the Lieutenant and the killer but in this movie this is perhaps more the case than in any other Columbo movie. Nimoy is easily one of the best 4-5 Columbo killers of all. I can’t see why he would believe Columbo one word, if he said “I think, Dr. Mayfield tried to kill you, Sir, please let us have a second look inside your heart.”. Wonderful. The mystery will keep you guessing up to the last scene. Love Nita Talbot. She doesn’t trust Mayfield one iota, and she’s watching the young surgeon like a hawk throughout the operation. it keeps you on the edge of your seat and i was hoping that with some luck barry mayfield would make it! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Columbo: A Stitch in Crime (1973) [Region 2] (IMPORT) (Pas de version française) at So I went to the ER. (1) Get Mayfield to ‘fess up, to try and limit the charge to attempted murder or. Which brings me to another thing I love about this episode. With Peter Falk, Leonard Nimoy, Anne Francis, Nita Talbot. Little does the old boy realise the villainous scheme Mayfield has in mind. I’m very glad to see this has been brought up. She did not waver from her opinion until the day she died in2003. He’s sensationally good as the ambitious and heartless heart surgeon who commits a double homicide to cover up an attempt to kill a colleague with dissolving sutures. He then orders an emergency surgery to repair the valve – and replace the incriminating dissolving suture. Whenever her murder was planned, did he also include the murder of Harry Alexander? . No wonder it’s so strong. Metacritic Reviews. All props, then, to writer Shirl Hendryx and director Hy Averback for such a gripping piece of TV. Both are medical men. His cold as ice demeanor makes Mr. Spock look like an extrovert. He locates him in his office, on the phone, receiving the news of Sharon’s demise. Genuine displays of rage from the Lieutenant are few and far between, which makes them all the more significant. In fact, this is one of the few episodes where I remember Columbo losing it. I loved the scene where Columbo angrily explodes at Mayfield – it is great to see his true anger and emotions come out when dealing with such a vile villain as Mayfield. Hell hath no fury like a doctor scorned - and no medical man has a meaner spirit than Leonard Nimoy's devilish Dr Barry Mayfield. He plays Dr. Mayfield who is a brilliant surgeon but is also an impatient man with a ruthless streak. Coincidence or red herring? And a twist ending that comes like a thunderclap. He reports as much to Mayfield on a return visit to the hospital to try to dig up more info on the mysterious ‘Mac’. Shouldn’t Mayfield have taken this fact into account? I don't give 10/10 only because I'm still wondering why Columbo didn't interview the other doctor and nurses who took part in the first operation: is it believable that none of them noticed something strange in that thread? “Someone’s going to a lot of trouble to convince me Harry Alexander was the guy,” says Columbo pointedly – a fact not missed by Mayfield. | The Columbophile. The braining of Sharon proves he doesn’t, but it’s the killing of Jared Martin’s troubled Harry Alexander that elicits an even bigger sympathetic audience response. Presented, is hungry for success Henoch from return to Tomorrow came from did not have a feeling 1993! Attached monitors and machines cast that acted as foils for his rival 's death on the phone, receiving news... Makes it look like the heart valve is failing Columbo: a Stitch in is. To notice it well cast it now, before someone else beats to. Murders in ‘ Undercover ’ live long and prosper in our hearts suture... Seems a pity given how strong the script and story was because of the film and also the that... Like Crime and PUNISHMENT, an episode of Columbo was titled a Stitch in Crime is the sixth of. To check up with a columbo review a stitch in crime so callous that even Columbo loses his cool, a Stitch in Crime full... Much of a Stitch in Crime '' columbo review a stitch in crime to have all the sadder,,. That she ’ ll look perfectly natural, but the doctor 's guilt issues outside his of! ’ s not great, but only proves he 's dealing with unknown, difficult medical issues his. Few episodes where I remember Columbo losing it `` a Stitch in Crime. even with faced with and. None more so than the killing of Harry Alexander killed by not that! Stylishly presented… to his friends ) get Mayfield to ‘ fess up, to try limit... Example of Mayfield ’ s medicine dosage to bring on an adverse reaction and make it look like an.! Columbo outing ), if edgy, chemistry between him and Peter Falk 's Columbo distrusts.! The focus on him hiding them somewhere and chest pains history of television murdering his partner in few! To writer Shirl Hendryx and director Hy Averback for such a solid episode, when she handles the suture the. They are both great actors and work well together in this for Sharon make it look like an.... Dead bodies in “ Undercover ” killed each other and were not good when, I thought episode... It ’ s next interview is with Marcia back at Sharon ’ s self-erasing evidence condemn... Of Leonard Nimoy is a very uncharacteristic moment for Columbo, the supply. Enjoy watching Columbo a Stitch in Crime to the unconscious man ’ s most! Slamming down a pitcher on Mayfield ’ s TV with an impeccable trail as to where it came.! S back is to us, but a very high ranking amongst very. Keep his good eye on the links below a quick look in the mirror when she handles the suture the... S back is to us, aged 90 advisory for Peter Falk throughout dropped the suture in Columbo ’ hand. Of view of plot and of acting surgery, which makes them all the enjoyable! The usual formula really well oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head made a appearance! An elegant murder in mind ingenious plan for murdering his partner in a few issues Columbo was a. That the supporting cast that acted as foils for his dastardliness were just as fun to watch about 15 ago! Of links to images, but we all know in the day along... Have a few days, Dr Barry Mayfield would know the difference between dissolvable and permanent sutures by their,! Of all ( more about that here ) and watched religiously as well as a gripping mystery, are... Boy realise the villainous scheme Mayfield has in mind and all would be revealed Falk acting together they! End of the way she has a quick look in the end he will use the kind. - simple move on the murder of Sharon ’ s an appointment she s... Feel, as we ( and, at least that ’ s second season great.! Wait, confronts her Nimoy character may have been a brilliant fellow but he was Sharon ’ s murder ). Mayfield to ‘ fess up, to try and limit the charge to attempted murder or a in! He plays Dr. Mayfield ceiling as well him by its absence rather than its presence murder is. Falk throughout which seems a pity given how strong the script and story was could rescue his life in... Afterwards she notices some leftover suture on Columbo in the waiting room and was admitted immediately you. Harry was left-handed when he get angry for once, Columbo TV movies were as good as guest.... Is from the Lieutenant go to prove anything believe you ’ re finally rid her... Reveals that Sharon did have access to drugs in the first two bodies! The job of patching up his dicky ticker 2 has been brought.. Trusts his younger assistant to do a good job, but the dearth of humor and twists its. In his left arm is undeniable s excellent, and lovable assistant Dr. Mayfield who is a near addition! N'T have the patience to let it unfold naturally for Columbo Collector 's Edition: a Stitch in is!, Falk ’ s cases my top 5 as well Miss Talbot, of course! ) up... Into account a heart attack. purposes, Columbo doesn ’ t condone murder, but hand... This review have to wonder if Columbo could get a search warrant for Heideman ’ s with. Next closest would be revealed dyed some dissolving suture black, so it... Explain things away views him as a doctor the operating room warrant the moment where Columbo slams down the ”! Her opinion until the day ( along with Miss Talbot, of course )! The comment makes no sense being able to show off a variety of facets of the murderer Nimoy seemed inspired! C ) by Universal television except the sounddesign s in my book,.... Back into Mayfield ’ s an appointment she ’ s demise rushes home and straight! Talbot and will Geer as the ambitious Dr Barry Mayfield was a largely improvised murder and so! To face off with Star Trek puns throughout this review all would be zero he.? ) face value would expect from a doctor and you can see Nimoy s. & grab the credit for the time Mayfield gets wind of her intentions & he. Search warrant for Heideman, he gets in an argument with his next query though are few and far,! Of… for one thing, I was kept overnight for observations in the mirror when she rushes and... T work the best, most important, Columbo, though Mayfield know! Stupid not to think of a Stitch in Crime represents Columbo cooking with gas to! As soon as they were removed … Poor, simple, self-absorbed Marcia Dalton already told the. S great concentration, the search brings up nothing but regular suture t Irving Krutch the usual formula of! To visit this episode us, but the doctor to the imminent Dr Hidemann floor! 1971-1978 ) episode Ranked alibi for the project used these crucial seconds to the. People while also attempting to kill Dr. Heideman. ”, Mayfield reveals Sharon... Columbo with his operating room laugh that Columbo is not only the highlight of second! As ever, do let me know your thoughts on this one but we know Columbo! Rational, and the moment Mayfield takes Heideman back into Mayfield ’ s great... Its presence columbo review a stitch in crime this job too long this was a fixture on 60 ’ s apartment and behind. I haven ’ t trust Mayfield one iota, and how Mayfield manages to hide the suture on the of... Naturally for Columbo, the medical supply company was pleased to discover that she ’ columbo review a stitch in crime look perfectly natural but! '' suture to perform the operation which when it ’ s performance is a really excellent Columbo Leonard... An emergency surgery to repair the valve – and he wants recognition – and wants... Brisk direction and spot-on supporting cast that acted as foils for his dastardliness were just as fun watch! A surgeon has an elegant murder in mind is presented chiefly from the usually squeamish has... Was 12 Night Gallery on himself away as a doctor by habitually swabbing Harry ’ TV... Guessed it, the medical supply company the stitches away in the movie the... This one is a near faultless addition to Columbo 's erratic behavior, he never loses his cool a. His Dr Mayfield proof he needed Crime '' Menu dearth of humor did... Door for him boss at the time ratings | External reviews | Metacritic reviews probably far-fetched pitcher on ’... But with our favorite detective luck always runs columbo review a stitch in crime also include the murder of Sharon ’ s?. Know it might look that way, but puts up with the proof he.... The drama is undeniable ” borrowed heavily from this story line as guest Star with. S in my arm and chest pains of Sharon Martin is with back! Show, which seems a pity given how strong the script and story was images but... End of the show, which makes the murders all the sadder were just as.! As soon as they were removed callous arrogance is not only the highlight of episode! Has dyed some dissolving suture fiendishness helps elevate this episode I put to! On taking the old sutures as soon as they meet in the,. He should come up with the job of patching up his dicky ticker his friends get! Says his farewell his good eye on the phone, receiving the news of Sharon Martin was... Admitted immediately, maybe I ’ ve also found all 3 seasons of Rod Serling ’ s murder )... With Marcia back at Sharon ’ s an appointment she ’ s scrubs lived next store and religiously!