Noble Six is deliberately never referred to by name, unlike the rest of Noble Team, since nearly every aspect of the Spartan's identity is left undefined so the player can generate his or her own identity for the Spartan. Lol, now interestingly enough this has more ground to stand on than Noble Six! But it was the original intent that Forge was teleported out of the core by Forerunner failsafes, and that the Spirit of Fire would locate his beacon eventually and reunite with him for … Technically you are noble six and you (in real life) are alive. lol [Edited on 09.21.2010 4:48 PM PDT] 343 made Noble 6 special to the player. I made this to sort of make a change of pace to all of the other threads asking this, but with a funny answer. We didn't see him/her actually dying. This was confirmed by Bungie after the game launched (if you search my posts on the forums about Noble 6 you'll find the the details on that), I believe it is also mentioned in the Halo Mythos book No, Noble 6 is not alive. True the helmet was left on the ground, but don't you think that Noble 6 would've gone back to retrieve it if he was alive? Canonically, yes, Noble 6 is dead. Before Noble 6 heads back to Oni, Kat says she's been tracked and is under attack, not super weird on its own due to the city being a warzone. Canonically he is dead and has a death date attributed to him [Halo Mythos, I believe].For now we're curbing these topics as the last few have stretched out pages of the same circular arguments that never lead anywhere. Noble 6 may have survived. If you pay close attention to the cut scene or use mods to view it from different angles Noble 6 avoids all but 1 energy sword or knife stab. According to the lore, Noble 6 doesn't have a past the only past he/she had was when he/she was ONI's personal Grim Reaper. Noble Six is about as alive as Jorge, my man. But when Six arrives and we go to cutscene, Covenant Forces retreat fast (due to immanent glassing). 343 and Bungie before them say Six is dead. The only injury he suffers is a stab to his right shoulder area. lol. The game n6 is gone but you, the real life n6, is alive. 1. Noble Six is the only member of Noble Team to witness each member of the squad die (Excluding Jun, who remains alive). in my last topic "who is better master chief ar noble 6" i said that "some people like me believe that six is still alive" some how. The new Noble Six, having recently arrived on Reach, joined the team just in time to participate in an operation to investigate a communications blackout at the Visegrád Relay, a mission which led to the first confrontation with Covenant forces on the planet. is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers. Glassing happens, Noble runs for a fallout shelter and Kat is killed by a sniper. They're not canon but canon at the same time we make their lore.