Nexus; 1. To the real Nexus with a capital N. 4. In case law, the term may appear when discussing the legality of a governmental restriction, and whether the means of restriction is justifiable in light of the right being restricted. Examples of nexus in a Sentence the oft-repeated claim that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person through a nexus of six relationships as the nexus for three great religions, Jerusalem has had a troubled as well as illustrious history This term traces, largely unaltered, back to the Latin word nexus, meaning "that which ties together. Another word for nexus. 3. 5. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word.   Idaho has established $100,000 in annual sales as the minimum for establishing a sales tax nexus… ‘This nexus of ideas continued to be her major focus, emerging again in her first book-length text on metaphysics, The Definition of the Godhead.’ ‘These designs are in my view extremely consistent in seeking and developing a particular nexus of ideas.’ ‘This nexus of … Nexus first entered the English lexicon in the middle of the 17th century as a word that meant "bond" or "mode of communication." The core or center. evolving: changing, emerging, growing, developing. Sentence example with the word 'nexus' nexus array, chain, continuum, endless round, knot, monotone, queue, round, series, thread, yoke Definition n. the means of connection between things linked in series Last update: June 10, 2018 Use "nexus" in a sentence. Find more ways to say nexus, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. ... "kill them and evil will control the Nexus this time" "That nexus goes to the heart of our debate today" "The area is reputed to be a nexus of wormholes" "The nexus between industry and political power" nexus: link, interrelationship, connection, relationship, interdependence, association. The Nexus creates everyone's idea. View Nexus usage in sample sentences. 2. We tried to list the best first. (noun) Dictionary ! Nexus Law and Legal Definition Generally, a nexus refers to a connection. Nexus 4/Shine" is the thirty-sixth single by … Nexus in a sentence. An economic nexus is the simplest way of determining a sales tax nexus. "The Latin nexus is the past participle form … Menu. A business might have an economic nexus in a state if it sells over a specific amount or threshold. What does nexus mean? Others were pulled from our literature database. Kevin wasn’t sure what a Nexus was. 20 sample sentences for NEXUS. It's basically just sales. How to use Nexus in a sentence? Of belief about a Nexus (next. Nexus quotes from YourDictionary: Each individual in a society is a nexus where innumerable relationships of this character intersect. 4 editor-approved samples. Sentence Examples. Sentences Containing 'nexus' There is little farmland in Kosheh; it serves rather as the shopping nexus for the rural areas around it. "